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[Story] The Mystery of a Purse

Meet a 10 years old boy, Milind, who once helped his teacher, Mrs. Sen, and his friend Mira at the same time with his great presence of mind. Milind and Mira were talking about what they have brought for the term end party. Milind has brought Samosas while Mira has brought wafers. The term end party was about to begin. The boring class with tables and chairs was turned into a party zone. It had colorful decorations and loud music. All of sudden a loud voice made all the students freeze. The students recognized the voice immediately. It was Mrs. Sen's! She shouted, "Come on! Everybody come here, in the locker room."  Everyone ran towards the locker room where Mrs. Sen was standing with a sad face. She sobbed, "Wh - where is m-my p-purse?" I-I am unable to find my p-purse which was right here on the table b-beside the cake box" Everyone in the room was shocked. Mrs. Sen checked everyone's locker and found her purse in Mira's locker! She opened